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Sell It Faster with FlōPlan®

It’s no surprise that listings with a floor plan are selling faster! Homebuyers have been requesting this feature for years. FlōPlan® makes it possible to create a floor plan with just a video scan using your smartphone. With the technology in your hands and such a low cost, it just makes good business sense. Improve your listings with a floor plan and sell FASTER!

The Future Is NOW!
If you have taken a home video with your phone, you can scan a home with the FlōPlan® App. Scanning a home is the same as taking a video walkthrough of a home. Just download, point, and record and a day later you will have a complete floor plan ready to link to your listings. Best part of all, your MLS Account is linked directly, so a tap links your floor plan to your listing.

Just log in using your MLS credentials, enter your payment method, download, and scan!

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FlōPlan in Action! – Watch a FlōPlan User Scan a Home

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