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  • Coming Soon went ACTIVE before its time.

    Once the listing goes ACTIVE – it cannot be changed back to Coming Soon but you can follow the steps below:

    1. Withdraw the existing listing
    2. Use the copy option and copy the withdrawn listing – pay careful attention to coming soon status and date when adding
    3. Once the new listing is in a coming soon status email with the mls # of the withdrawn listing to be removed.

  • How long does a listing have to be off-market before Continuous Days on Markets (CDOM) starts over?

    The listing will have to be in either an Expired or Sold status for 31 days for CDOM to restart.

  • I am switching brokerages, how do I get my listings transferred?

    The Broker from your previous office must send written authorization to transfer your listings.  They can send an email to services at realMLS.

  • Why don't I see my Coming Soon on external websites such as

    We do not syndicate the Coming Soon Listings to any website including IDX websites.

  • My customer wants to “withdraw” their listing. What should I do?

    Let’s clarify terms.  In Flexmls, WITHDRAWN is a TEMPORARY status for when a property cannot or will not be available for showing for greater than 3 days.  Once in Withdrawn status, it ‘can’ remain there until it reaches the Expiration date and expires.  If the customer and brokerage CANCEL their agreement then EXPIRED status will indicate that the agreement is no longer in force.

  • In Showingtime, I am trying to restrict hours, it will not let me change the hours set as default. Can you change those?

    That is an office level setting.  Your broker or office administrator can change the default hours in Showingtime.

  • How can I look up my office ID?

    When you login to flexmls, got to Menu>Searches>Office/Member.

    Click on Offices and begin typing the first few characters of your office name in the Find an Office field. A list of offices with similar names will appear. Locate your office name/address and your office code will be in the Short ID column.

    If you use the Quick Launch bar, type the first 8 characters of your office name.  When your office displays, the Office ID appears in parentheses behind the office name.

  • I need information on a property that is not on the MLS. Where can I find that information?

    Metro Market Trends (MMT Tax) is a property data provider that is free with your membership. MMT Tax can provide all the tax record information on any property in the area. Login to Flexmls. Go to the Menu and type Tax.

    Click on MMT tax and you will be re-directed to the MMT website. Select your search type (typically Property Owners or Comparable Sales Activity). On the next screen, select the county and then you can add your specific search criteria.

  • I’m trying to add a listing but this property is not in a subdivision. What do I do?

    Select Metes & Bounds from the drop down list for No Subdivision.

  • I had saved my listing as incomplete, once I added to the MLS system it used the incomplete listing date and did not change it to current date. How do I change this?

    Send an email to with the listing number, reason for change, and information of what to change.

  • My account is disabled how do I make payment to the MLS?

    Go to At the top of the screen click on MLS Account. This will open up another screen. Type in your member ID and the last 4 digits or your SSN to sign in and access the payment screen.

  • I am trying to change the selling agent on a sold listing how can I do this?

    Once a listing is in a Sold status it cannot be changed.

  • I need help with Flexmls, who do I call?

    Flexmls Technical Support – calls for the MLS System are directed to FBS’s Flexmls Support staff in Fargo, ND. FBS is the creator of your MLS system software, Flexmls, and the source of any and all technical aspects of the programs.

    FBS Support can be reached at 888-525-4747 Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM ET or email

  • When do I call Flexmls Support?

    You will contact Flexmls Support for questions on any feature that you can perform directly within the MLS system, such as:

    • Logging In
    • How to Add or Change Listings
    • Adding Photos, Videos, Documents, Open House…
    • Status Changes
    • Search Questions on the Quick Search, Map Search, and Full Search
    • Saving Searches and How to Manage Them
    • Contact Management – Setting Up Contacts, Subscriptions, and Portals
    • Printing or Emailing Listings
    • Daily Hot Sheets
    • CMA’s
    • Mapping
    • Flexmls Statistical Programs
    • Adding or Changing Menus and Dashboards

    FBS Support can be reached at 888-525-4747 Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM ET or email FBS Support.

  • When do I call the realMLS Service Support team?

    Our in-house Support team will handle questions that relate to our other products and services, including:

    • Membership
    • Accounts Payable
    • MMT Tax Search
    • Policy and Procedures (i.e., status definitions, add/change data to the listing input sheets)
      Contracts and Forms
    • Closing Cost Estimator
    • MARC Notifications
    • Syndication of Data/Pictures on sites like ListHub,, Zillow and

    Third-Party Services such as Savvycard, InfoSparks, and Transaction Desk, to name a few
    RealMLS Service Support can be reached at 904-394-9494 x1603 Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or email Services

  • How do I find my MLS member number?

    When logged in to Flexmls, type your First Name and Last initial in the Quick Launch bar located next to the realMLS logo at the top left of the screen.

    The number in parentheses behind your name is your member number.

  • Can I log in to the MLS system from my computer and my phone or iPad at the same time?

    No, unfortunately, Flexmls will only allow one access at a time, therefore you cannot be logged in from a computer and a mobile device simultaneously

  • Can someone else use my login when I’m not using it?

    No, per realMLS Rules and Regulations, you cannot share your username and password.

  • Where can I find the MLS Rules and Regulations, By-laws and Policies, and the Policy Manual?

    Links to the Rules and Regulations, the By-laws and the Policy manual can be found on the MLS website once you are logged in please look under Forms/Info

  • How can I learn more about IDX?

    Brokers have the ability to request a license for access to IDX, Broker Only and VOW data products (

    Agents may request data products from However, your Broker will have to execute the license agreement on this website

  • What is NEFAR, how do they differ from NEFMLS (realMLS) and what reasons would I need to contact NEFAR?

    The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors (NEFAR) is the largest professional/trade association in Northeast Florida. NEFMLS operating as realMLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEFAR and is a separate company. RealMLS conducts classes pertaining to using the Flexmls system and other MLS related topics.

    NEFAR conducts New Member Orientation, Continuing Education, Ethics and many more educational classes.

    Lockboxes are also purchased through NEFAR and the Association membership dues are separate from realMLS dues.

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