RETechnology Image that directs website users to the RETecnology page on our websiteRETechnology, our goal is to help every real estate professional learn how to leverage technology more effectively so they can be more successful. Consumers expect the seamless use of technology in real estate transactions. They demand real-time responsiveness, online access to rich real estate information, market insights and total transparency to their transactions.

Real Estate professionals do not have a single destination to learn about technology products today. Real Estate technology vendors do not have a national marketplace to inform agents and brokers about their products and services. MLSs and Associations would like to provide their members with a resource for finding technology tools and services that improve the process of brokering real estate transactions. RE Technology meets all of these needs.

RETechnology is a web portal allowing agents and brokers to gain access to information, reviews and product ratings of real estate technology products available in their market. The website is similar in concept to popular consumer websites like or Visitors to the site will be presented with product reviews and a directory of companies offering services to the real estate industry.

RETechnology is poised to assist realMLS customers with insights on new products, emerging industry trends and breaking news because realMLS is pleased to offer RE Technology as a member benefit. 

You will receive technology tips and tricks written in Plain English, not Geek Speak through their daily newsletters. Attend FREE webinars daily and read success stories from fellow real estate professionals.  

To activate your free membership (included with your realMLS subscription) simply click on the button labeled “Register Free” to connect to the signup page.

Within the signup page, you will have the option of choosing from specific niches of the real estate industry that are of particular interest to you. By choosing your interests, the software algorithms will narrow down the articles. You can even choose to opt-in for daily emails. No more sensory overload; you control the information!

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