Flexmls MLS System

flexMLS System Developed and Operated by FBS this image shows all the devices it supports.

The Flexmls, provided by FBS, gives you all the tools necessary to keep you ahead in today’s fast-paced, on-demand business climate. 

With this system, you are receiving the most innovative Web and Mobile products.

The product is supported by the most professional, personal service from FBS’s Employee-Owners.

Whether using your PC, iPad, or phone to access the full MLS system, you and your customers will have access to all the MLS data and media anytime, anywhere.

The system delivers speed and accuracy when you need it most, helping you look awesome and get your work done.

To login in the MLS system just click here.

To view other member services available to realMLS member just click here and be redirected to the member services area of our website home page.

Never Miss a Beat with Flexmls

Precisely what real estate professionals need, when they need it, every time: A modern, easy to use MLS system that works like an agent. The most powerful mobile with continuity across all platforms. Integration with the best apps and products available. Proven reliability and be customized to fit unique market and user needs.

The MLS System that Works Like An Agent

Through applying many years of user-behaviors data and research to product design Flexmls experience closely mirrors a real estate professionals actual workflow. Agents quickly find and take action without ever losing their place, making work both easy and efficient

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