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realMLS Implements NAR’s MLS Clear Cooperation Policy

Effective January 1, 2020, realMLS implemented NAR’s MLS Clear Cooperation Policy 

What is Clear Cooperation?

Clear Cooperation is a policy set forth by NAR that requires a listing to be put in the MLS system within 1 business day of marketing the property to the public.

her we show the clear cooperation rules for advertizing

Does Clear Cooperation only apply to certain property types?

No.  Clear Cooperation applies to all property types that are in the MLS system.

Why was this new policy put in place?

Eliminates the possibility of limited exposure marketing which could create a number of issues for real estate professionals and consumers, such as:

  1. The fiduciary and/or statutory duties of a real estate agent/broker requires that they act in the best interest of their clients.  Intentionally limiting exposure as a primary business model invites regulatory scrutiny.
  2. Realtors Code of Ethics – the practice of limited exposure could create ethical concerns.
  3. Fair Housing-does limited exposure include all consumer classes, is everyone being afforded the same access to housing opportunities.

This policy is NOT:

  • designed to stop marketing but to enhance the marketing plan for listings
  • about getting between the Realtor/client relationship
  • about losing their right to privacy.  If a property can be advertised then it can be in the MLS
  • about Coming Soon
  • about endorsing or shunning any business model

This policy IS:

  • about ensuring that cooperation remains at the forefront of our business industry
  • about the best interest of the consumer
  • about transparency. Making sure all MLS members have access to all listings even if they don’t know the “right” agent or belong to the “right” groups
  • about protecting the rights of all our members to serve your customer by ensuing you have access to all the inventory
here we show a summary of what the nar clear cooperation rules

If you would like additional information please contact us or here is a FAQ from NAR on the Clear Cooperation Policy.

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