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Clear Cooperation Policy Revisited

Revisiting the Clear Cooperation Policy

realMLS is best described as a broker cooperative.  As members of the broker cooperative, you have agreed to cooperate with fellow members to find buyers for your listings.  The Clear Cooperation Policy (CCP) was adopted with the spirit of this cooperation in mind.  The spirit of the rule is, “If the public knows, the professionals should know.”  It is simple.  As a member of realMLS, if you share your listing with the public, you must submit the listing to the MLS system within 1 business day.  Submitting your listing to the MLS allows ALL members to best serve potential buyers.

The tight market is creating an increase of CCP violations.  Listings are being submitted to the “Coming Soon” status and going immediately to “Pending” without ever having been exposed to the marketplace.  This practice disregards the spirit of cooperation. Listings should be made available to ALL potential homebuyers, not just those with inside access to a listing.  Specifically, listing agents representing the potential buyer should expose their listing to the marketplace on the MLS to be sure the best offer for their sellers is realized.

The Policy:

Within 1 business day of marketing a property to the public, the listing broker must submit the listing to the MLS for cooperation with other MLS participants.

Advertising Includes:

Clear Cooperation Policy Rules

This market is like no other and the competition for the limited inventory is fierce.  However, you can uphold your fiduciary duty to your seller while still honoring Clear Cooperation.

Although it can be difficult to uphold this policy when people are begging you to do otherwise, please stay the course.  Turn the listing Active, collect and present ALL offers and stay true to your membership in the broker cooperative, realMLS, to which you subscribe.  With your help, realMLS can provide the most access, to available real property, for all people. 

Learn more about the Clear Cooperation Policy  CLICK HERE. 

Read More Here from the National Association of REALTORS® regarding CCP. 

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