Message From Our Leadership Team

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Welcome to realMLS!  Your membership includes many realMLS Provided Services essential to your business.

The entire Leadership Team and Staff want you to know that we sincerely appreciate you choosing realMLS.

realMLS is a neutral place where real estate professionals collaborate based on shared rules and reliable data. Our Vision statement defines the essence of realMLS.

“We see realMLS as the preferred provider of advanced tools and resources to promote a healthy marketplace.”

Our focus for 2022 and beyond is to achieve our vision with emphasis on the following goals:

Technology and Data

To foster a healthy marketplace by exploring innovative technology thus providing real estate professionals with access to reliable data and services.

Engagement and Education

Continually develop and deliver relevant education across multiple platforms to enable our members to get maximum value from the tools and resources available as a member benefit.

Healthy Marketplace Strategies

To serve all agents while erasing the traditional borders of a local MLS, resulting in a barrier-free MLS experience.

realMLS continually strives to provide an excellent experience for our members.

We make the market work by keeping you In The Know®.

Our Vision

realMLS’s Family of Services strives to be the trusted source for data, products and services, empowering our members for success.

It’s Where We Stand, Now And Always


A service-centric and innovation Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that promotes cooperation and professionalism. We provide accurate, complete, and timely data to support collaboration. We deliver quality products, education, and exceptional customer service.

It’s Who We Are


realMLS believe’s providing innovative tools and superior service enhances the real estate experience for members, partners, and consumers.

It’s What We Do


Always service-centric and member focused

Continuously innovative and forward thinking

Ensuring all data and information is accurate and timely

Intent on making all products and  services easy to use

Trusted partner to all served

We ACE IT Every Time

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