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If You’ve Taken a Video with Your Phone, You Can Get a Floor Plan!

FloPlan Grid Room

It’s Really THAT Easy

You don’t need to be tech savvy, know how to properly measure, or the skill to draw a floor plan. Have you ever recorded a relative doing something you are proud of, or a friend doing something awesome?

It’s the same process with FlōPlan®. All you do is take a video of the property. The FlōPlan® team just needs that video scan of the property and they handle the rest. Things like room dimensions, wall locations, room orientation, and appliance locations are all captured and taken into account when your floor plan is being processed.

The simplicity makes creating a floor plan a “no-brainer”.

Just grab your phone, hit record on the app, walk-through and submit. Within a day you will have a complete floor plan ready to directly to your listing with the push of a button!

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