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Rental Beast

Meet Rental Beast—the platform helping you conquer the rental market!

RealMLS has partnered with Rental Beast to provide member access to powerful, rental-centric tools designed to help close rental deals faster while growing a meaningful pipeline of future homebuyers.

This member benefit will be available to all realMLS members directly from our MLS platform.


What is Rental Beast?

Rental Beast is a real estate technology firm offering an end-to-end leasing platform and a database of nearly nine million fulfillment-grade rental listings. Developed by agents, the Rental Beast platform covers every step of the rental process—from lead generation to lease signing, and their database of owner-sourced properties provides real estate professionals with the most comprehensive and reliable picture of their local rental market.

Tools Available to realMLS Members:

Apply Now by Rental Beast

Lightning-fast and easy to use, Apply Now is a powerful online rental application and tenant screening engine designed to process rental applications quickly and securely.

Apply Now provides landlords and property owners with secure access to an applicant’s credit, information, eviction history, and background information (where applicable) within a secure, FCRA-compliant digital framework.

Rental Beast University

All realMLS members will have direct to access to an interactive, online educational platform, Rental Beast University, directly from our MLS.

Rental Beast University offers on-demand, interactive courses for real estate agents of all experience levels, including “My First Deal Bootcamp,” a core course that trains agents in handling every step of the rental process—from generating leads to converting rental clients into homebuyers.

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