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Sharing of realMLS Login Credentials is a Major Violation

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Protect the Integrity of MLS Data

As per our realMLS Data Integrity Toolkit.pdf, to protect the integrity of MLS data and the investment members have in realMLS, sharing login credentials or enabling unauthorized access to realMLS is considered a serious violation and will result in an automatic fine.

realMLS has procedures in place to track when and where a system login occurs. The MLS system uses tracking tools which identify your geographical location each time you log in. The tracking tool estimates the time it would take you to travel between the two locations.  For example: if you log in from Jacksonville, FL, and then 10 minutes later from San Jose, CA, it lets us know that the distance apart is 2348 miles and it would require you to travel 8878 MPH to do that.  In other words, beam me up Scotty.  As of today, it is impossible for a human to travel at that speed using conventional methods of transportation.

More data is then further evaluated such as time(s), location(s) of the internet provider(s), and the IP address among other things.  The final check is to rule out the possibility of a relay/masking service such as a VPN.

If you are a broker and you have an Administrator that needs to access Flexmls, you must request an additional login for them rather than sharing your broker credentials. If a broker’s credentials are shared with an Administrator, the broker is fined $1,000. To access the request form, login to Flexmls and click on Menu – scroll down to Daily Functions – click on Forms/Info.  Select “realMLS Documents and Info”.  Complete the Office Administrator/Personal Assistant Form, obtain proper signatures, and then send the form to  There is a $35 quarterly fee for an Administrative/Assistant login, much better than a $1000 automatic fine.

At no time should you provide anyone with your login credentials.  Just a single login from a non-member opens up the system to potential threats and long-term issues potentially impacting all our members.  Even if it is for a short time frame (or so you may think).

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