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Lets Talk Why is Full Search Going Away

Quick Search & Full SearchJust for clarification purposes – let’s talk- Why is Full Search going away?

First, a little history. When we converted to the Flexmls product it was the year 2002. To make the transition from an old MLS system to a new Internet based system – Full Search was put in place to look just like the searches from the old (PRC, BORIS, Moore Data, Fidelity) system. But it was actually being used before that time frame. It’s a 1970’s search logic.

In 2002:

  • Remember TV Guide?
  • 53% of homes were still using VHS tapes (Blockbuster)
  • 46% Homes had slow Internet speeds (Oh the sounds of those modems bring back memories)
  • The number one website was AOL
  • 62% of mobile phones were “dumb” (pagers)

How we have progressed!! And for the better – at least most of us probably feel that way.

And just like any company that has a twenty+ year old program module in their product and a very small percentage of their customers using it – Flexmls is putting it to rest.

Some misconceptions about Quick vs. Full Search:

  • The Full Search is gone.
    No, it’s not going away until November 2020. That is 11 months away.
  • What about training?
    We would never leave you without proper training-we just feel it is a little too soon for the big push. Both realMLS and Flexmls trainers intend to have webinars, classes, etc. However, you can come to any of our current classes and/or join our online learning system to see more about it now (
  • I learned Full Search.
    Ok but, today’s training (for more than a year) uses Quick Search. New agents don’t even have access to Full Search.
  • I don’t get enough training.
    In addition to our classes and videos, brokers can schedule one of our trainers to come to your office for specialized training – not only on the Quick Search but any of the Flexmls features.
  • I can’t find what I’m looking for.
    Unlike the Full Search, the Quick Search has ALL listing data searchable (with the exception of a few fields as defined by local policy). This provides you the opportunity to really expand your searches and fine tune the results.
  • What about my Saved Searches, Portals, etc.?
    They are already in the Quick Search format so you do not have to worry about either.

Most of the staff here have been around a long time (and I mean a long time), and understand the pains of changing technology. We too have to learn new ways of using the technology. It is an adjustment for all of us but once you get the hang of it – you will find it to be much better. So, watch for future announcements for training, suggestions, tips & tricks.

We will be sure to keep you up to date on the transition timeline and training opportunities.

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