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Property Classes in Flexmls

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When you log in to Flexmls to start the searching process, you are automatically brought to 1-Residental Property Class as the default search template. But did you know Flexmls has eight different property classes to choose from when searching?

Each property class template contains several fields of information to start a search. In most cases, your clients may be looking for a specific type of listing within the various property classes. Having the option to hone in on the desired listing type is a time-saver when searching. Let’s look at the different search templates and how they can be used.

Property Class Definitions

Property Class Search Template Names  Often Used For
1-Residential Used for real estate designed to be lived-in for sale (Example: Single Family Residence or Townhouse).
2-Rental Used for non-commercial spaces for rent (Example: Single Family-Detached or Mobile/Manufactured Home). 
3-Rental-Short term Same as above, but has been customized for you to select a lease agreement that is less than six months.
4-Vacant Land Vacant Land is land that may be improved or developed, but is not currently in use and has no structures. (*note, Land Use Codes play a role).
5-Investment Income A property that was previously or expected to be used as an investment property, maybe as a rental or another revenue generation. This is left up to the discretion of the listing agent.
6-Commercial Specifically links you to commercial properties for Sale.
7-Commercial for Lease Specifically links you to commercial properties for Lease.
8-All Property Types Gives you the option to search for all property types (1-7) at once if you or your clients have a very broad scope of property types.

Using the different property class search templates will set you up for success to find the best options for your clients!

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