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FOREWARN – launched for all realMLS members!

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FOREWARN, an application that gives an agent the ability to safely verify prospects, has launched for all realMLS members. realMLS is more than just listings, as we are constantly looking for ways to enhance your membership benefits. We know safety is important and we feel FOREWARN offers an incredible safety service that was important to offer our members.

Available both online and through a mobile application, FOREWARN analyzes billions of data points and provides users with the ability to mitigate risk by verifying identity, searching for criminal histories, and validating information provided for potential clients. All of this is available just by using a phone number. FOREWARN allows agents to properly and safely plan for showings with a higher level of confidence.

Visit for information on how to set up your account and more.

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February 13 @2pm, February 15 @10am, February 16 @10am

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