Syndication commonly refers to the process a broker takes to advertise their listings on third-party non-MLS websites.

Broker members of realMLS may syndicate listings utilizing two methods:

  1. Direct from Flexmls. Some of the major consumer portals have opted to obtain their data direct from the MLS system. Each broker may opt to send their brokerage’s listings to any of these websites or not. Each broker may also choose if the listing agent may override that decision.
  2. ListHub. ListHub is a powerful benefit of MLS membership, providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for managing the online advertising of listings! Here are just a few of the benefits brokers have at NO COST.
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Syndication, Watch the video for details on ListHub

Syndication, What are the FREE Listhub Member Benefits?

  • Broker choice: Opt-in/Opt-out of each publisher website at the broker level.
  • Publisher Filters: Easily filter publishers by business practice criteria to make informed selections.
  • Publisher Comparison: Gain specifics on features and practices and compare publishers.
  • Publisher Star Rating System: Give Brokers a forum to express their views on publisher practices
  • Traffic Routing: Route consumer traffic from publisher websites to your MLS public website or to Broker websites
  • Lead Routing: Broker-controlled settings for each brokerage, office, or agent
  • Single Point of Contact: ListHub provides a single point of contact for member support across all publishers
  • ListHub MLS Control Panel: Access MLS-wide publisher traffic, member participation reports, and VIP Support
  • MLS Preferred Publisher Program: Help Brokers by designating recommended publishers based on your MLS’s own criteria

Syndication, What are the paid Listhub Member benefits?

  • Professional reports: Detailed consumer traffic reports are available as an optional “upgrade” for brokers or agents. Data is rolled up into brokerage, office, and agent level reports.
  • Client Reports: Branded single property reports can be auto-emailed by agents to seller clients giving agents a powerful tool to inform sellers and ensure referrals.
  • Consolidated Metrics: Reports include consumer traffic stats from all major publishers in a single report-including!
  • Local Website Reporting: The MLS public site, and broker/agent IDX sites are optional additions, easily integrated into the ListHub Reports.

More info:

For detailed information about the product offerings. visit ListHub’s Broker and Agent page

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