Making The Market Work™

Making the market work, our team at realMLS is proud to be your partner in making homeownership happen. Every day, real estate professionals cooperating to bring buyers and sellers together, that’s what it’s all about!

Knowing the details of how the MLS works isn’t always crucial to your clients. But what is important for them to know, is how your membership with realMLS benefits them.  Your value proposition will be enhanced when you describe the advantages they’ll receive by working with a realMLS member.

Buyers working with you, a realMLS member know they will always have access to the most current and reliable picture of available properties to help them find their perfect home and also have assurances that agents representing sellers will work with you.

Sellers who list with you, a realMLS member, know that they will always be placed in front of nearly every real estate professional currently working with active buyers through the resources offered by realMLS.

We at realMLS are here to provide the Confidence, Connections, and sense of Community that is so vital to the housing market.

  • realMLS safeguards the information and rules real estate professionals need to do their jobs with confidence.
  • realMLS creates connections between real estate professionals with properties to sell and those with clients who may buy them.
  • A dynamic community of professionals who work together on terms to which they agree.

We take pride in knowing that together, we make the market work.

realMLS also provides a consumer website that lists every property in the MLS. This website allows buyers to see listings and schedule home visits with realMLS listing member.  Visit the realMLS public site by clicking here.

To find more information about joining realMLS visit the Join section of our website by clicking here.

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