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Introducing Flexmls Help

Flexmls Help System Overview

How to get help in FlexMLS

Whether you’re new to Flexmls or a Flexmls veteran, our new Flexmls Help will become your go-to, to get all your questions answered. Simply search for what you want to know and answers will instantly appear before your eyes!

Where Can I Find It?

Find it in Flexmls under Guided Help > Flexmls Help or access it from any browser by visiting

Features You’ll Love

Features in the help system of FlexMLS

Get Questions Answered In A Snap

The homepage is packed with commonly asked questions to give you quick access to answers. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just type some keywords into the search bar to get all your questions answered.

Searching Made Easy

Easily search for what you want to know or browse through the help categories to drill down to your answer. You’ll instantly find relevant topics, accompanied by visuals, related videos, and even links to guided help tours in Flexmls.

Pro Tip: You can search directly from the homepage or from the sidebar in Flexmls Help.

No need to switch back and forth to run your next search.

Flexmla help for quick search

Everything Flexmls, At Your Fingertips

They say knowledge is power. Become a Flexmls expert or easily learn something new on your own time, anywhere you have internet access. Plus, now you don’t have to log in to Flexmls to find what you need. If you have a quick question on-the-go, you can easily find answers right in Flexmls Help.

More slides of the FlexMLS system

Tell Us How We Did

We love to make everything we create even better. That’s why, at the bottom of every help topic, you’ll see the question “Was this helpful?” Click Yes or No to tell us just that! If you don’t find what you need and click No, you’ll be prompted to send us feedback via email to let us know how we could improve the help.

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