realMLS Data Sharing

We share listing data with surrounding MLSs, resulting in, MORE exposure for sellers, MORE options for buyers, MORE opportunity for agents, MORE value for our members.

showing that we do data share with the realMLS MLS
Here we are showing that we do data share with the Daytona MLS
Here we are showing that we do data share with the Hernando County MLS
We do data share with the Space Coast MLS

Syndication allows Broker listings to be advertised on third-party, non-MLS websites. our MLS public website, allows thousands of buyers to search for homes, explore new communities and search for upcoming Open Houses.

Image that display the Broker Public Portal Logo

The Broker Public Portal is a collaborative venture between real estate brokerages and MLSs to create a national, ad-free consumer home search experience that connects home searchers directly with the agent who best knows the home and delivers accurate, real-time MLS information to home searchers.

NorthEast Florida Association of Realtors

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors (NEFAR) is the largest professional/trade association in Northeast Florida. Listings in our MLS that are marked for IDX are displayed on the NEFAR website where consumers can search for homes.

Florida living network logo

The public website operated by Florida Realtors® , where consumers can search for homes for sale throughout Florida. gets data from our MLS

Listings in our MLS marked for IDX are automatically sent to

Listhub this site distributes MLS listings to various websites.

Listhub provides a controlled platform to enable brokers to deliver accurate, MLS-sourced listings to consumers, and allow agents to use an online marketing program to their advantage.

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