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Reminder: Don’t Miss the upcoming Domus Analytics Webinars

Domus Analytics Training

Coming in December

Recently we’ve added Domus Analytics to our products and services for realMLS members. Domus Analytics is an interactive Market Stats dashboard where users can customize what and how they view Market Statistics for the Northeast Florida region. You can access Domus Analytics through Flexmls. Flex>Applications>Domus Analytics

Domus Analytics is offering two training sessions on December 1st and December 9th at 3:00 PM EST. 

Join Domus Analytics for a fun and informative session on how to use the market stats platform provided as a member benefit by realMLS. They’ll review the practical issues of how to use the dashboards, as well as the use cases of how to use the stats with your clients and prospects.

Please be sure to sign up for one of these classes to learn how to use this valuable tool. It’s so easy!

(Note: You may need to change the time zone to Eastern when you are registering.) 

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