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realMLS December 2022 Data Integrity by the Numbers

realMLS strives to provide clean and comprehensive listing data through our Data Integrity Policy. The rules and policies of realMLS and a clear compliance process will be enforced equally to advance a healthy marketplace, increase professionalism among our members and ensure equal access to ALL listings by ALL people.

Our top repeat violations continue to be unauthorized access/sharing realMLS credentials and sharing security codes.

Unauthorized Access/Sharing realMLS Credentials and Sharing Security Codes continue to be repeat violations.

  • Sharing login credentials or enabling unauthorized access to realMLS is considered a serious violation and will result in an automatic fine. realMLS has procedures in place to track when and where a system login occurs. If you are a broker and you have an Administrator that needs to access Flexmls, you must request an additional login for them rather than sharing your broker credentials. READ MORE on Login Credentials. 
  • Sharing of any type of security code (gate code, access code, security or alarm code) is NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE in the MLS listing data, not even in Private RemarksWATCH the VIDEO.

Please ensure that your licensees adhere to our Data Integrity Policy to avoid future Citations and Major violations. 

If you would like to schedule a staff member to come to your office to discuss our efforts to keep the MLS data accurate and timely, contact us at

904-281-1400 x1603.

(Note: All fines collected are donated to the NEFAR Charitable Foundation.)


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