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New Standardized Login Process Coming on 7/9/19 to All Flexmls Platforms

FlexMLS standardized Login Change

Flexmls sample login page

The process to login to Flexmls is being standardized across all platforms. Soon, you will have a consistent login experience, no matter what device you’re using.

This change will affect the following platforms:

  • Flexmls Web
  • Flexmls Mobile Web
  • Flexmls Pro iOS and Android apps

When Will It Change

These updates will be available on July 9, 2019.

Who Will Be Affected

All users who log in to these platforms will see the changes.

What Will Change

Currently, when you log in, you enter your username and password on a single page.

Display of the old login page on Flexmls

With this change, you will enter your username, click Next, then enter your password and click Log In.

Here we see the old login page compared to the new login page

Why Are We Making These Changes

Separating the entry of user names and passwords enables Flexmls to support more options for single sign-on, which improves security. This change is also part of a larger effort to create a more consistent Flexmls experience across pages and devices.

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