InfoSparks is an interactive data tool ready to change the way our members use, display and share housing information. The tool is customizable and allows users to compare trends of up to four areas at the same time. Select an area, choose a metric, filter results and share! It’s even possible to define custom geographies! It is a simple design that harness the power of the MLS with minimal clicking.

When a consumer asks you if it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, you will always quickly have the answer by being familiar with the latest Months’ Supply of Inventory figures. 

InfoSparks Video that describes how InfoSparks works
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Generally, a balanced market is between four and six months of supply. If less, sellers have gained asking power. If more, advantage buyers.

Utilize the Rolling 12 Months time calculation within InfoSparks to widen the scope of your data for smaller areas with fewer homes for sale on a month-to-month basis. Rolling 12 Months means that each data point represents 12 months of activity. In this view, a historical line graph will generally appear smoothed out because there is more sample data for each point on the line.

With InfoSparks, you can compare up to four areas by several housing variables and market metrics at once. If you want to compare sales prices for Jacksonville Beach and Atlantic Beach for both single-family and townhouse/condo homes, you can do that in a matter of seconds.

Sellers often want to know how much of their asking price they will get at sale. By showing off InfoSparks charts derived from the Percent of List Price metric, you will be able to provide a fair answer based on the most recent data.

Heighten curiosity by adding a chart or alluring infographic derived from InfoSparks to supplement your marketing efforts. From the Share button, you can create an embeddable graphic for your website, print out a PDF version of a desirable chart or even create your own table and charts, customized specifically to your brand with the CSV export option.

Elevate your online presence not only by pushing information through your business website and e-newsletter, but by sharing interesting facts and figures derived from InfoSparks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to cultivate a reputation as a market leader.

A showingtime product available to all realMLS members free. You can see what the product does by visiting our website by clicking here.

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