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How to Customize your Free New Home Source Professional Agent-Branded Capture Page

Customize Free New Home Source Capture Page

New Home Source Professional offers free, short training videos on the main page of your agent NHS Pro account. Watch the video below to learn how to customize your Free New Home Source Pro agent branded page. 
this image is for the website
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Your personal new homes site serves two purposes:

Your clients go here to review listings that you have sent to them When you send listings or saved searches, your client will get an email with a link to your site, where they can review and provide feedback.

Your website prospects go here and become clients.

Embed or link your site from your website to allow visitors to research new homes and convert them to leads. When they save a listing or search, print a report or email you, their information is captured so that you can quickly follow-up.

Your site is designed to help you generate more new home business. And it’s completely free, as part of New Home Source Professional.

It’s a safe environment, complete with your full branding – your name, headshot, logo, phone number and email – and no builder contact information.

And all client and prospect information is yours and yours alone. NHS Pro never EVER share consumer information with builders. But as a free service, NHS Pro will occasionally provide builders with your information so that they can offer assistance when you are actively working one of their listings.

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