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Go tell EVERYONE! “In The Know™” with realMLS

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Go tell EVERYONE! "In The Know™" with realMLS

The “In The Know™” campaign is our gift for you to use in telling EVERYONE how important the multiple listing service is to what you do and how it enhances your value as their agent.

Explaining your realMLS membership to your clients, clearly and simply, can enhance your value.

How do we know? We did the research and tested it out.

Only 24% of consumers have even a vague idea of what the Multiple Listing Service is, let alone how it benefits them. The good news is when you explain it without using industry slang, they get it…BIG TIME!

Chances are you don’t focus on the Multiple Listing Service with your clients, other than a passing mention.  Even though the multiple listing service is an essential tool that literally makes the market work, we don’t explain how it benefits EVERYONE!  This is a missed opportunity.

Like never before, your value is being challenged.  Consumers are being told an incomplete story about how the real estate market works and the multiple listing service’s role in supporting a healthy marketplace.

Two truths are included in this campaign:

  1. Fully informed real estate decisions based on complete and impartial information are possible only through your guidance and your access to the realMLS Multiple Listing Service.

  2. An open marketplace, where professionals like you work together on a neutral platform (the realMLS Multiple Listing Service) to make transactions happen is the best way to get homes sold. Not through apps, portals, or any other network.

Please use this campaign.  It is for you.

Go to In The Know™ on to explore these FREE resources and how to share them with your clients…buyers, sellers, and owners.

Now, go tell EVERYONE how you keep them In The Know™ with realMLS! 

Below are some examples of assets for you to use. The complete marketing package can be found here.

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Branded Buyer & Seller Videos

Note: The Seller video has been revised since we sent the campaign email last week. If you have downloaded the Seller video prior to yesterday, please download it again to ensure you have the most current version. 

How Homes are Found Flyer
Branded Buyer & Seller Flyers

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