NHS – 2023 New Home Outlook From a REALTOR’s Perspective

Date(s) - January 10, 2023
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Presented by NHS Pro:

Realtors need to prepare for a new kind of housing market. A seller’s market? No. A buyer’s market? No!

According to Realtor.com’s Chief Economist in her 2023 Housing Forecast, next year’s market could become a “nobody’s market.” If you are a Realtor working in a market where new home construction is a factor, you could be the ‘somebody’ that meets the needs of skeptical resale and new home buyers.

David Fletcher, CEO of New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC, shares what his 30 years and$3 billion new home sales record taught him through periods of much higher interest rates and three serious market crashes.

Factoid! 22% of our attendees are first year Realtors 50% have been in the business 5 years or more Realtors. Register now so you don’t miss this!


January 10th
11:30 AM Eastern Time

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